MING-CHUAN CHOU Associatet Professor


National Taiwan University (Bachelor of Philosophy)
National Chengchi University(Master of Philosophy)
Hochschule fuer Philosophie in Munich, Germany(Ph. D. in Philosophy )


Social Philosophy, Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy, Systematic Philosophy, Philosophical Hermeneutics.


Ming-Chuan Chou(2004): “Democracy to come” or “Deliberative democracy” ? A hermeneutical and analytical study of Derrida and Habermas’s constructive approach to “the postnational constellation of European, in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture 361 (2004)(AHCI), pp.81-104.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2004):  Language and Existence of the Other.  Is „Father of Deconstructionism” Derrida dead ? in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture 366(2004)(AHCI), pp.181-187.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2005): Brain, Self and Free Will,  in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture 377(2005)(AHCI), pp.97-118.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2009): Theory of Society or Social Technology: The Luhmann-Habermas Debate Revisited, in: Richard R-C Hwang(ed.): Communication, Critique and Praxis, pp.577-628.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2012): Who and You Are Known as ‘We’? On the Reconstruction Process of Walzer’s Theory of Modern Civil Society, in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture 459(2012)(AHCI), pp.51-76.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2012): On the Possibility of Intercommunion between John Finnis´ New Natural Law Theory and Catholic Social Theory, in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture 460(2012)(AHCI), pp.113-144.
Ming-Chuan Chou(2013): Critique ,System and Chinese Modernity, in: Vincent Shen(ed.): In Search of Chinese Modernity: Retrospect and Prospect, pp. 351-378.