TSE-CHENG NIU Part time professor
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Academic Qualifications:
Ph. D., Fu Jen University
Dean, College of Humanities, Nan Hua University
Dean, College of Social Sciences, Ming Chuan University

Research Interest:
Natural philosophy; Philosophy of science; Bioethics; Life education

Academic Publications:
2003 Health care thanatology. Taipei: Farseeing.
2003 Philosophy of nursing science. Taipei: Farseeing.
2004 Medical ethics. Taipei: Farseeing.
2004 Philosophy of education. Taipei: Yang-chih.
2006 Popper. Taipei: Yang-chih.
2008 Funeral service ethics. Taipei: Yang-chih.
2010 Learning of living: Life education and philosophy of education. Taipei: Yang-chih.
2015 Great wisdom edification: A new interpretation of life education. Taipei: Yang-chih.

Academic Resources Network:
Board, Chinese Philosophical Association.