BERNARD C C LI Chair Professor


1963-1967 Bachelor of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
1968-1970 Master of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
1982-1985 Doctor of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University


2012/08- Chair professor, Department of philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
2013/08- President, College Entrance Exmination Center Foundation


1993/08-2000/07 Dean, Academy Office, Fu Jen Catholic University
2003/11-2009/11 President, Life Education Foundation
2003/12-2011/12 President, Association of Chinese Philosophy
2004/02-2012/01 President, Fu Jen Catholic university
2004/02-2012/01 Directer, College Entrance Exmination Center Foundation
2005/06-2011/06 President, Chinese Association for Student Affairs
2008/10-2012/01 Director, Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
2010/07-2012/01 Association of Private Universities and Colleges Taiwan, ROC
2011/12-2014/11 President, Taiwan Philosophical Counseling Association
2013/01-2014/12 教育部102年暨103年公費留學委員會委員
2013/01-2014/12 財團法人大學入學考試中心研究發展委員


2010.0101 Three Principles of Philosophical Counseling
2010.0419 從景教及利瑪竇來華看本土文化與教會發展
2010.0613 On meaning and value in Philosophical Counseling
2010.0628  On Humanity of Chinese tradition
2010.0928 儒家倫理實踐 The Practice of Confucius Ethics
2010.1113 Philosophical Counseling Developing in Taiean
2011.0401  Life Philosophy of Stanislaus LoKuang
2011.0707 Zuzise's identity and Difference:The Absolutely Of Ontology in Chinese Philosophy
2011.1103 The educational idea and the situation of Taiwan' University of Cardinal Paul Yupin
2012.0602 The value system of the life
2012.0614 The anxiety of death of modern people
2012.0716 Philosophical Counseling on Filial Piet
2012.1025 Stride across Friendship:Matteo Ricci’s Contribution toward the Interflow of Chinese and Western Cultures
2012.1102 The Subjectivity of Sinological Studies
2013.0416 Sciences and Religions in China
2013.0525 The wisdom of Philosophical counseling and Practice
2013.0529 Three Fundamental Principles of the Philosophical Counseling
2013.0531 Development of the Philosophical Counseling in Taiwan
2014.0327 The communion between Scholastic philosophy and Confuses
2014.0531 Philosophical Interpretation on Derived Value Leadership – Reflections on Paul Ricoeur’s Symbolism of Evil
2014.0818 Leading value of philosophical counseling
2015.0321 Catholic education and Practice of Fu Jen Catholic Universit6y
2015.0427 The meaning and value of philosophical counseling
2015.0430 Fu Jen Catholic Univeraity and Monumenta Serica
2015.0601 The philosophical counseling of "The Cloud of Unknowing"
2015.0615  The basic design of Scholasticism
2015.0701 The Horison and Fusion of Taiwan Scholasticsm
2015.0912 Management of Death Anxiety - Philosophical Hermeneutics
2015.1010 Christ to Cultures and Cultures to Christ -- Spreading the Spirit of Fu Jen Catholic University
2015.1013 The Study of Scholastic and Chinese Philosophy by the case of "The Royal Way in Confucianism vs Benevolence in Christianity"